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Three Reasons to Sell Your Business Right Now

Maybe you haven’t thought about selling your business anytime soon, but industry buzz—as it sometimes does—is sparking your curiosity. It’s true that both business and industry-related trends are creating a market that’s conducive to buying and selling right now and below we’re uncovering three big reasons you might want to consider listing right now.

It’s a hot seller’s market right now.

Nearly 80 percent of business owners are headed for retirement, which is likely the largest generational shift in history. Meanwhile, other business owners are using this market to merge with other companies to spur growth. More inventory is creating and driving demand.

Funding is accessible.

Capital is ready and available as lenders are more willing to provide funding given the current economic conditions. There’s a variety of loan types and lenders to choose from depending on scope and business need.

Buyer confidence is high.

With accessible capital, a pool of more businesses to buy, and more professionals shifting to the entrepreneur lifestyle, it’s the perfect storm in a booming seller’s market as buyers are actively shopping and simply waiting for the right time and opportunity.

Market conditions and several other dynamics play a role in determining the right time to sell a business. Ensuring your business, above anything else, is in a position of financial strength is of utmost importance.

Ultimately, whether or not now is the right time to put your business on the market will depend on the specific performance of your company. If you’re considering selling, we can help you with a business valuation and a no-strings attached conversation to learn about the selling process.

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