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Wisconsin Technology Business Broker Services

Lake Country Advisors is a premier technology business broker firm in Wisconsin with a team of esteemed technology business brokers. Lake Country Advisors is an M&A consulting business brokerage firm operating in Wisconsin with locations around the Midwest. As one of Wisconsin’s elite technology business brokers, we specialize in tech company management buyouts, downsizing, sales, maximizing the value of disposal transactions, and unique end-to-end valuations of middle-market companies in specialized sectors.

As one of the most profound technology brokers, our business brokerage firm executes M&A deals with a focus on meeting the demands of clients. We cater to various sectors of technology companies, including cyber security, artificial intelligence, telecom, SaaS, biotech, and more

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Our Process Of Selling Your Technology Business For Maximum Value

Selling your tech company can be a stressful endeavor that refrains you from remaining focused on daily operations and maintaining company value.

Having a team of skilled technology business brokers helps manage complex procedures and forecast the next steps of the transaction. Here is a review of the process we adhere to at our Wisconsin business brokerage firm to help you sell your tech company at maximum value.
First, we undertake an assessment by extensively reviewing your company’s financial statement, bank records, taxes, and other financial documents. This process includes all recent sales of similar businesses, helping remove any ambiguity in the company’s effective pricing.

Following the evaluation, we develop an appealing prospectus for presentation to various vetted, eligible buyers. Then, we complete revised financial statistics, realistic forecasts, advertise your company, and locate potential buyers.

Steps To Selling Your Tech Company

Here are some of the steps we follow at our business brokerage firm to ensure we sell your tech company for its value.

Wisconsin Technology Business Transactions


Sale to Private Investor



Sale to Private Investor


FAQs About Selling A Technology Business

The best way to ensure you sell your tech company for maximum value is to highlight selling points, business continuity, and keep informed with the industry’s market trends.

As mentioned earlier, you need to be viewing from a buyer’s perspective to sell your company at maximum value. To do this, evaluating your company’s weaknesses, including high customer attrition, legal risks, and criminal trials, ensures you are prepared to make valid counter-arguments and provide solutions accordingly.

Furthermore, you must deal with high sales circulation potential, excessive debt, and employee turnover. You should be able to identify the strengths and shortcomings of your company in general. Conduct a thorough examination of the company using as objective a lens as possible. At Lake Country Advisors we have the experience to help you obtain the best price for your company.

It’s an exciting time to sell a telecom company, artificial intelligence company, SaaS company, cyber security company, biotech company, or any technology-based business in such a thriving market. However, you should follow some prudent steps to accomplish a timely sale under advantageous financial conditions. The following are some of these practices:

  • Assess your business comprehensively: Before selling your SaaS company, cyber security company, biotech company, artificial intelligence company, or telecom company, it’s vital to examine its current state. What are the potential benefits and drawbacks? What sets it apart from the competition? Do you have a unique selling proposition? How do you stack up against your rivals? Including these details in your sales pitch can help you persuade potential buyers. It’s also critical to keep track of all of your financial data. This requires providing the buyer with several years’ worth of revenue tax returns and other necessary financial data.
  • Consider selling during high-profit seasons: For example, if you want to sell a SaaS company, you should do so when profits and growth are high. Buyers aim to reduce risk to the maximum extent possible. As a result, they want to understand that they are investing in a potential business. Slow sales and lower profits add to the risk and make investments less appealing.
  • Source for a broker company: Professional technology brokers, as previously stated, have the experience to ensure that you are performing due diligence. It also aids in preparing any documentation and the prediction of any problems that may arise during the sales process. Your artificial intelligence company, a telecom company, a biotech company, and other technology organizations can all benefit from technology business brokers. They will assist with contacting possible buyers and negotiating favorable terms for both parties.

A business valuation is a method of evaluating the economic value of your entire company or business for various purposes, including selling value, determining shareholder ownership taxation, and even divorce procedures. Business valuations can also be used to assess the fair value of a corporation. Owners often rely on professional business appraisers for objective estimates of the business’s value.

These valuations include a comprehensive review of your company’s activities, capital structure, potential future earnings outlook, and market worth. Reviewers, companies, and industries may utilize different tools for their reviews. Some standard methods for valuing a company include annual account surveys, discounts on cash flow models, and assessments of comparable companies.

As a broker company in Wisconsin, we have delivered exceptional M&A services to all of our customers. Lake Country Advisors technology business broker will help you make the best decision possible. Let us be your broker company when you are approached by a buyer on your own. Our technology business broker team will offer guidance by looking at several internal and external variables relating to the Internet, software, or technology business and income statements.

Lake Country Advisors is an M&A business brokerage firm in Wisconsin that is qualified to assist you in selling your business. We are here as your ideal technology business broker to ensure smooth selling of your company, just like other high-level technology brokers. We are located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Try us today for outstanding Wisconsin technology business broker services.

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