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Healthcare Business Broker Services In Wisconsin

If you own a healthcare business in Wisconsin, whether it’s a private physician’s office or a medical billing company or a nursing home, selling it may be the greatest option to capitalize on the current demand. You may also wish to sell your healthcare firm if you plan to retire soon or if you want to explore another field. The first step in preparing to sell is to choose a business broker with knowledge in the healthcare industry. Healthcare business brokers comprehend the complexities of this industry, including laws and insurance complexities.

Lake Country Advisors is a team of healthcare business brokers offering services including:

  • Merging of middle-market businesses in function markets
  • Full or partial sale of a healthcare company
  • Handling transactions in aiding management buyouts
  • Value maximization of sales transactions
  • End-to-end evaluation of specific client’s needs and business constructions. 

At Lake Country Advisors, our medical business brokers in Wisconsin are extensively experienced and equipped with the right skills to provide the best healthcare business broker services.

Free Business Valuation

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Our Process In Selling Your
Medical Business For Maximum Value

Selling your medicine company is one of the most vital decisions that affect your personal and professional life. Due to this, it’s crucial to seek the aid of a professional medical business broker in Wisconsin to guide you. This allows you to review every facet and avoid detrimental mistakes in selling your business. As a premier healthcare business broker firm, we take a methodical yet customized approach to selling your medicine company. Here is our process:

Our first meeting’s primary focus is addressing and clarifying your questions and concerns to ensure you feel secure with our healthcare business broker.
This is a crucial step in which we review your medicine company tax returns, healthcare company financials, and more. This helps us accurately and efficiently perform due diligence to determine an accurate valuation of your medical company.
The contract will go further into detail about the cost breakdown and clauses.
Our healthcare business brokers will request the necessary and required documents and data to sell the healthcare company business. Based on the information provided, we can create your medicine company profile and ensure we are adequately prepared to answer potential buyer inquiries. This information is only given to prospective buyers after they have signed a non-disclosure agreement to protect the confidentiality of your medical company.
Once your ad is live and visible to over 20,000 vetted buyers, we can expect a high response from numerous prospects inquiring about your medical company on sale. Apart from online adverts, we also send correspondence to companies seeking acquisition.
When we get inquiries, we require the buyer to declare a fair and equitable offer with the down payment to be paid. This offer should also contain the buyer’s terms and conditions and background information for you to review. On average, only 1 out of 30 potential buyers is financially capable of acquiring your business.

To ensure your time is spent wisely, we vet the buyer’s financial capability before setting up a meeting with you. This can be done through a conference call, in-person meeting, or a showing.

At this stage of the selling process, our healthcare business broker will present you with the best offers and help you thoroughly assess the pros and cons of each. Given their extensive experience as healthcare business brokers, they can help ensure you make the most informed decision whether to respond with a counter offer or reject the offer entirely.
When both parties are in agreement on the terms and conditions of sale and sign all the necessary counter offers and corrections, the offer becomes a purchase agreement.

Selling a business is one of the most impactful decisions you can ever make, so it’s vital to have a team of the best experts to ensure you make the most informed decision. As your medical business broker in Wisconsin, we are committed to helping you secure the most ideal terms and ensuring that you are well protected throughout the selling process.

Our healthcare business broker affords you a unique and well-thought-out process to ensure maximum valuation and a network of vetted buyers. Additionally, a medical business broker in Wisconsin avoids disruption of your medical company or costly oversight that result in decreased business valuation.

FAQs About Selling A Healthcare Business

Here are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about selling a healthcare company in Wisconsin.

To secure a high market value for your business, it is crucial not to let the process of selling your medical company in Wisconsin interfere with your business operations. When selling your medical company, choose an esteemed business brokerage firm with extensive industry knowledge and a proven track record of success. This ensures all the bases are covered and allows for a seamless and successful transaction. You can rest assured knowing all factors are considered, including market trends and forecasts. That alone is a major determinant of success that puts you in a strategic position when selling your business.

We will not disclose confidential information without a non-disclosure agreement from prospective buyers. We employ proven strategies in our vetted network to connect you with the most qualified buyer for your business. Indeed, the benefits of working with professional business brokers are crucial in selling your business for maximum value. 

Timing is also one of the crucial factors we consider in selling your medical company business in Wisconsin. As a business broker, we advise selling your business: 

  • When interest values are favorable since this adds value to your company
  • While Investment funds are on the sideline waiting for profitable opportunities
  • While premium prices are being paid for your products or services
  • While human capital is high and infrastructure is in optimal condition

At Lake Country Advisors, our business brokers in Wisconsin understand you’ve invested a great deal of time, energy, and money in growing your company. As your healthcare business broker, we ensure your medicine company in Wisconsin is well-represented and highly regarded in the market. We highlight the unique selling points of your company for maximum valuation. 

Here are a few guidelines to help you get the maximum value for your medicine company:

  • Keep The Sale Confidential – It is vital to keep the news of your deal strictly confidential until it is finally sold. Divulging information prematurely creates fear and negative reactions from your employees and management. This disrupts your operations flow and leads to a chain of events that results in a decreased value of your healthcare company.
  • Keep Running The Business – On top of sustaining or increasing market value, maintaining operations efficiently demonstrates business continuity. Conversely, compromising your medicine company’s performance and concentrating primarily on the selling process could immensely decrease your business value. 
  • Keep Growing The Business – Instead of putting all your energy into the selling process, focus your time and energy on increasing profits and operations. Additional growth by the final step of selling shows the potential of your medicine company business and yields the most value and money for your business.

Adhering to the proper management and running of your medical company business in Wisconsin is of utmost importance to maintain smooth operations and business value. While this is an informative guide to selling your healthcare company, a medical business broker in Wisconsin still is the most efficient means to market your business.

First, we launch a live engagement using our extensive resources to advertise your medical company online and to over 20,000 vetted buyers. Once potential buyers start inquiring, we evaluate them further to assess their financial capability before advancing them to the next step. On average, only one out of 30 potential buyers is deemed qualified to move forward. To ensure confidentiality, we establish a non-disclosure agreement with potential buyers before releasing proprietary information. Once they’ve signed the NDA, we schedule a meeting with them to determine their eagerness and ability to buy your business.

Once we have identified a suitable fit for your healthcare company, we schedule a conference call or a showing with you and the buyer. Our goal is to create an auction setting and raise the stakes for your medicine company.  We offer professional advice to help you evaluate your offers so you can make the most informed decision. As your medical business broker in Wisconsin, we aid you in negotiating the best deal for selling your business. 

After you and the seller agree to specific terms and conditions, your attorneys will make the necessary revisions to the contract, if any. We work with your attorney to ensure that the drafted agreement is in your best interest. 

At Lake Country Advisors, we are committed to offering the best services for all our clients. Our healthcare business brokers are extensively trained and experienced to ensure maximum value for your business. 

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