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Pre-Engagement: Engagement, Valuation and Preparation Stages

  • Initial Meeting

    Selling your business can be one of the most impactful events of your life. It is important that you make sure you feel comfortable with Lake Country Advisors. to help you sell your business.

  • Preliminary Due Diligence & Valuation by LCA

    One of our differentiators on how we do business is that we require a significant amount of information up front for us to perform due diligence on a potential Seller as well as determine an accurate valuation of your business.

  • Proposal

    Once we have established a comfort level and believe LCA is a great fit to work in your best interest to help you sell your business, we will provide you with a proposal regarding the cost of our services.

  • Engagement Paperwork

    There is a significant amount of paperwork that we request from a seller in order to list your engagement, create the Offering Memorandum, as well as be prepared to answer any questions a buyer may have on your business.

  • Research & Marketing Package

    The Marketing Package on your company is one of the most important documents we create in order to help sell your business. This may even include industry research depending on the type of sale.

  • Virtual Dataroom

    Important due diligence documents regarding your business are placed in a virtual dataroom. When it is appropriate father along the process, a vetted buyer will receive access to the information.

Engagement: Marketing, Offering and Closing Stages


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