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Wisconsin Manufacturing Business Broker Services

At Lake Country Advisors, we provide owners of manufacturing businesses with a discreet, confidential consultation to start their company’s sales process. Working with an esteemed business broker firm ensures critical factors of your manufacturing company are considered in selling your business. Our experienced manufacturers business brokers team is dedicated to helping manufacturing businesses sell for maximum value.

As you plan your exit strategy, it is in your best interest to work with a business broker with vast industry knowledge to get maximum value for the sale of your company. At Lake Country Advisors, we have helped sell manufacturing and fabrication companies since 2008 in the Wisconsin area.

Free Business Valuation

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How We Help Manufacturing Companies Sell Their Business For Maximum Value

At Lake Country Advisors, we focus on the primary success factors in helping our clients sell their business, including their current financial status and the manufacturing industry’s economic climate, to secure our clients the most ideal terms. Our manufacturers business brokers can leverage your manufacturing sector’s critical success variables to structure a deal that positions you to sell your business at maximum value.

Maintaining profitability and production are among the crucial success factors in preparation to sell your business. Doing this ensures you can preserve company equity and sell your company within or above market value. As valuable partners in this transition, our manufacturer business brokers help ensure this change will not hinder or compromise your daily operations. Our team is dedicated to helping you walk away with the maximum asking price for your business with minimal due diligence on your part. Our clients come to us visibly and reasonably worried about the adjustment and uncertainty but immediately reassured upon reviewing our success with past clients. This is easily accomplished with our proven methods and vast network in the manufacturing industry in Wisconsin.

When we sell a manufacturing company for maximum value, we study all aspects of the business. Through thorough review and evaluation, our manufacturering business brokers can make adjustments that effectively yield a higher valuation. We ensure all the proper documents are gathered without disrupting or compromising your daily operations to maintain employee productivity and production.

To maintain transparency, we start the process by providing our clients with a comprehensive market value analysis of their manufacturing business. Our market value analysis is created based on the same professional valuation software and methodology used by valuation analysts at SBA. We also prepare comparable sales data for your particular niche and gather other essential data utilized by professional manufacturers business brokers.

Since we have sold manufacturing companies for over a decade, we have built a strong network with SBA business lenders who help move along the sale by providing buyers SBA financing.

Our Steps To Selling Your Manufacturing Business

As business owners, the first step in selling your business is determining your priority, whether it’s time, financial gain, or a compromised combination of both. As manufacturing business brokers, our first step is setting up a virtual or in-person meeting with you to ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed. Through the initial meeting, our metal industry business brokers can employ methods and strategies that accommodate your determined priorities.

Following the initial meeting, we conduct necessary and comprehensive due diligence. This requires minimum participation on your part and essentially involves submitting readily available documents, including annual and quarterly financial statements, accounts receivable, inventory, and more. Here are a few of the records our metal industry business brokers will be using to ensure an accurate business valuation:

  • Working capital management statements
  • Market conditions
  • Competitors

  • Supply chain statements
  • Demand forecasting capabilities
  • Production capacity
  • Equipment

Buyers feel reassured when a company has organized and detailed financial documents prepared. Once all records and data are gathered, our manufacturing business broker can determine the total value of your manufacturing businesses. Following the business valuation, our team will examine the current condition of your facility and help you display the highest level of organization.

Providing potential buyers with a comprehensive report of your company’s protocols, procedures, and operational flow eliminates doubt and demonstrates business continuity. This information illustrates how to successfully run your business, maintain equipment, and manage your customer base. The manufacturing industry can have complex processes and protocols, which is why documentation is an integral stage of finalizing the sale. As your manufacturing business broker, we ensure you present your business with the most complete and current information that will help buyers make a solid decision.

Lastly, we prepare marketing materials to advertise your business while maintaining confidentiality. Before arranging a meeting with you, we pre-screen buyers to ensure their intent and financial capabilities meet your requirements. To protect your privacy and avoid disrupting your business, we require that buyers sign a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement before providing them details about your company.

We efficiently prepare all the necessary documents, including a purchase agreement, asset purchase agreement, or stock purchase agreement depending on how you prefer to sell your business. Manufacturing companies commonly do a stock purchase agreement that allows the new business owners to preserve the licenses assigned to the corporation. These include corporate EIN, most important contracts tied to the corporate entity, and manufacturing licenses. Our experienced manufacturing business broker will help you determine the best way to sell your company based on your unique case.

Our extensive experience with various Wisconsin manufacturing businesses has accorded us in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry.

Wisconsin Manufacturing Business Transactions


Sold to Private Investor



Sold to Private Investor


FAQs About Selling A Manufacturing Business

Here are a few answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding selling manufacturing businesses:

When you are ready to sell your fabrication business for maximum value, it is crucial to consider the following:

  • Obtain an accurate valuation for your fabrication company
  • Tidy up your facility to showcase to buyers
  • Prepare comprehensive financial records in an organized report
  • Document all of your processes and protocols
  • Be sure you are up to date with compliance with environmental law and other codes
  • Hire a professional business broker to handle the sale
  • Keep your customer base strong and continue a growth mentality

As with all businesses, considering your industry’s market trends along with your business’s current financial standing is of paramount importance to maximize business valuation. However, if considering the market trends dictate a slight delay that you cannot accommodate, we will employ other methods that match your priorities.

The first step in selling your manufacturing company is consulting with a manufacturing business broker to guide you with the process in its entirety. By working with a professional, you can cover all the bases that allow you a higher valuation for your business. Once you connect with one of our business brokers, you must organize all financial data and information pertinent to your business operations. Our metal industry business brokers will take you through a series of steps to prepare and polish your business for sale. This includes setting up SBA financing and conducting other key measures to ensure a seamless transaction.
When you are ready to sell your machine shop, working with a machine shop business broker is the best way to receive maximum value for your company. Business brokers possess the skills and network to assess all documents and reports for accurate business valuation. With the help of a machine shop business broker, the transition process will be seamless and ensure an accurate business valuation.
Food manufacturer business owners benefit from working with a business broker dedicated to the manufacturing industry. At Lake Country Advisors, we understand the challenges of selling a food manufacturer business in Wisconsin. We have years of experience selling food manufacturing companies and have built a strong network in this particular industry. Selling your food manufacturing company is simple once you allow a business broker to guide you step by step. We start with gathering documentation and examining how your business can be presented in such a way as to maximize its value. Our team knows how to thoroughly prospect and qualify potential buyers that are highly likely to finalize the transaction. You will receive a prepared exit strategy so you can easily transition out of your food manufacturing company with the most profit.
To determine an accurate business valuation, our manufacturing business broker will conduct a thorough company valuation before employing methods to maximize the sale of your business. To achieve this, we start by performing a comprehensive assessment of your business and gathering the necessary documentation to guarantee it is positioned in the market for its maximum value. Doing this will allow the most beneficial sales price that you can get for your plastics molding business.
When considering selling your business, our expert team at Lake Country Advisors will help you determine the best time and employ proven strategies to sell your tool and die company. You’ve exerted a great deal of effort to build a profitable business and should receive maximum value for your dedication. As seasoned manufacturing business brokers, we have gained a substantial client base by a track record of consistently having our clients’ best interests in mind.

As comprehensive business brokers, we pay great attention to detail in considering the ideal time to sell your business. We evaluate the current and projected market trends as the primary determining factor in selling your business.

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