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The M&A Team

We Provide Confidential, Discreet Services.  Our team will stand by your side and protect you during every phase of the transaction.

Over 100 Years of M&A and CEO Experience.

Tim Bullard,  CEO,  and  Partner, Mark Smith  are both former business owners and know first-hand the challenges that face a privately held business.   Having an exit strategy is something every business owner should consider whether you are  months or years away from selling.   Our team’s uncompromised commitment to our clients’ confidentiality and the most technologically advanced assessment/marketing methods available today provide our clients with a level of success unequalled in the business transfer industry.

100% Closing Ratio on M&A Assignments!

Timothy Bullard


CEO, Tim Bullard, has been the Global M & A asset divestiture of one of America’s oldest global trading… Read More

Joe Braier


Joe is a seasoned M&A Advisor and current shareholder at Lake Country Advisors.  He also has the CVA certi… Read More

“Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.”

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