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Beyond Price in a Business Deal

Axial had an article that rings true with our experiences working with business owners and those looking to own. Being on either side of a transaction can be an emotional roller coaster. When a buyer finds a good business opportunity, many times it is the connection with the owner that is the ‘closer’ for the deal and same with the seller.

A recent post on Axial quoted the sellers when finding the right buyers: “We looked at a lot of companies and we got into deep discussions with a few, but it was very clear early on that we were going to put a deal together with Rayser. They were just good people,” says Kelly. Price was a consideration, but not the most important one. “Jamie and I had friends who had sold businesses before, who told us, ‘Just take the best offer and walk away.’ But that’s not who we are. We live in a community of 1,100 people, and we wanted our business and employees to stay here.”

Most business owners have either started the business or have grown the business and want to it succeed, so the right buyer is key.  Our database has hundreds of vetted buyers looking for the right fit.  The Lake Country Advisors team is ready to help you, the business owner, get the right price for the business and find the right buyer to build on the business you’ve grown.   

Past Clients’ Testimonials

Our team’s commitment to the successful sale of your business is shown in some of our former clients’ comments:   One owner stated:  ‘Just a note to tell you how much we appreciate your dedication to make a successful sale for our business. Your knowledge, experience and support were invaluable and helped to to make important decisions. How fortunate we were to have you as our partners in the transaction.‘    Another owner wrote: ‘VR Lakes did an outstanding job of developing and marketing the Business Profile. This piece was the core tool for securing buyer interest that lead to many showings. Mark listened to my concerns regarding prospective buyers and eventually found us a great buyer who was a good fit, at an acceptable price. For me this was the key factor in securing the deal. The overall process and closing went very smoothly’.    Check our testimonial page to view these and other comments from clients. 



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